My Friends' Webpages

Arel Cordero is one of the most creative people that I've known. He has an interesting game called Yards The Game of Inches. Berkeley for grad school in CS.

Paul Cannon, aka pik is just amazing. He has taught me all that I know about Linux. It's always a pleasure knowing that he's just an email away. Viva PIK!!!

John, is a good friend from USU. He's a great programmer and a great Mormon. He's always helped me out when I've asked for his assistance. Yet again, another bright friend of mine.

Erik Jensen, aka erikrj has saved my arse more times that I care to think about. He's a former president of FSLC and currently pursuing a masters degree from USU.

Travis Hartwell, aka Nafai is a python guru and always good for a few laughs. He's an invaluable resource.

Louis Litwin aka Luigi is one of those guys who is just a little too bright and motivated. He makes the rest of us look bad, hence, we should take him out: make him pay for our stupidity and mediocrity.

Brian Retford is one of my best friends and former roommate. Although he doesn't have a personal website. He is incredibly intelligent. I am grateful for his guidence and help. I would be a computer regenerate if I failed to mention that he's know to many as Computer Jesus.